Pure Water Window Cleaning

Pure Water Window Cleaning

Dirty windows are the first thing people notice about someone’s home.  It is also one of the most neglected chores, and for good reason.  Cleaning windows is A LOT OF WORK.  It is tedious, time-consuming, and often dangerous when ladders are involved.  And if you have ever tried cleaning your own windows, it is near impossible to actually clean them without streaks.

Why Is Window Cleaning So Important? 

Not only does your home look and feel better, but it is vital to good window health.  Debris accumulates on the glass over time and can cause etching which is permanent pitting of the glass that can cause brittleness and make glass fragile and crack easily.  

Dirty windows can also camouflage other issues that you may be unaware of such as leaking gaskets that cause film failure, condensation, and other interior pane issues that warrant the replacement of the glass.  

Hard water buildup is also very harmful to glass and is a very big problem in Parker and Tarrant Counties.  Leaving hard water on glass is not only unsightly but damaging as it causes etching over time.  Sprinkler systems and pool filters are the main culprits to hard water on glass and maintaining affected windows regularly will keep them clean and protected.

Big Tex Pro Wash provides several window cleaning package options to suit your needs. From a basic exterior window cleaning to a deep cleaning interior and exterior package, you can rest assured that you will receive the best quality cleaning no matter what package you choose.  We are the only window cleaning company in the Metroplex that offers a pure water cleaning without using your water supply.  Our pure water system comes complete with a holding tank so the water that we use is 100% free of all contaminants.  Pure water cleaning is safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly.  It also cleans better, since it is contaminant-free, it acts like a magnet, attracting dirt and oxidation from frames and rinses it away leaving only a streak-free, spot-free shine!  We can also clean most second and third story windows safely from the ground with-out the need for ladders!

Selling your home?  Clean windows can bring in up to a 700% return on your sale!  Did you know that most realtors recommend you professionally clean your windows inside and out, and remove your window screens to bring more attention to the natural light and view that potential buyers are looking for in a new home?  We offer a special window cleaning package to help prepare your home for the market!  Clean windows is a small investment that brings a large return with a higher offer rate!

Why Choose Big Tex Pro Wash for Your Window Cleaning Needs?

Safety and Experience: Big Tex Pro Wash has 10 years of window cleaning experience and is the highest rated window cleaning company in Weatherford, Aledo and Granbury. We have lots of experience with construction clean up, proper scraping methods so you won’t have scratched damaged glass, treatment and removal of hard water staining, and how to properly clean sensitive tempered glass.

Package Pricing to meet your budget needs: We created our window cleaning packages to give you the best value and reliable service that you deserve.  Each customized package is built out completely with your personal needs in mind. 

Pure Water technology: Safe for the environment and cleans windows better and faster and leaves them cleaner longer because of the lack of contaminates.  It attracts dirt and oxidation off your glass and frames, and washes it away with zero streaking or spotting! 

Rain Day Guarantees: Since living in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area comes with uncertain weather at times, we added an extra layer of protection to ensure you can enjoy your clean view longer than ever and is included in every window cleaning package that we offer. 

Maintenance plan discounts: Another popular service we provide, to help you keep your windows clean all year long without breaking your budget!  Easy to schedule appointments with quarterly, tri-annual, and semi-annual frequencies with friendly reminders so you don’t have to remember to schedule your next cleaning when you need it! 

Getting a quote is easy, you can request an online quote, or call Jessica at 817-341-9366 to schedule an in-person quote, absolutely free.  Our goal is to give you a refreshing new experience that is hassle-free and easy.  It is hard enough to find reliable service today, so don’t sweat the small stuff, let us do it for you.