Power Washing

Power Washing

Who wants to spend their Saturday power washing their back patio before a big family gathering? 

Your driveway, sidewalk and patio can really take a beating but if you are noticing it is a lot dingier than you remember, or becomes slippery when wet, it is time to get it cleaned.  Concrete is just as susceptible to algae and mold growth as the rest of your home and is often the most neglected.  Big Tex Pro Wash can help you restore your concrete surfaces to look like new again, with a pre-treatment of detergents, a medium pressure wash with a rotary surface cleaner that will not etch your concrete surfaces, and a post-treatment to brighten up your concrete and kill off any remaining organisms to keep your concrete cleaner longer!  

Why hire a professional to power wash your driveway, sidewalks, patios and pool decking?

  • Professional Grade Equipment is used to get the job done efficiently
  • Extensive Training in proper cleaning methods and use of controlled pressure to prevent damage
  • Access to Industrial Strength Cleansers that kill algae and mold, help remove deeper stains like oil, rust and tire rubber marks and post treatments after the cleaning that brighten your concrete and keep it cleaner longer!

Rust and oil staining are common problems on driveways.  Big Tex Pro Wash treats rust and oil stains, and, in many cases, they can be removed completely, leaving behind a beautiful clean driveway once again.  It is important to treat oil and fluid stains quickly because the longer the spill sits on the concrete, the deeper it can penetrate the porous surface, making it increasingly difficult to remove without leaving a light stain behind.  We can’t always guarantee complete removal, but we can guarantee that we will use all our professional ability with industrial grade degreasers and heat from our power washing burner unit, to remove it the best we can, and making it look like it never happened.

Efflorescence on pool decking is a common problem due to pool chemical water being splashed onto the deck and drying, leaving a salty residue behind.  It is important to keep these surfaces free from pool chemical spills.  We clean pool decking, restoring the surface to like new condition, and preventing etching of your pool decking that can be caused by chemicals left on the surface for too long.

Curb appeal is important because it helps increase the value of your home, and the neighborhood, and clean driveways, sidewalks, patios, and pool decks attribute to that curb appeal. 

Dirty sidewalks can be dangerous when wet.  Algae grows on areas that see more shade than sun and when they are wet, they are slippery!  Keeping your concrete clean will hinder the growth of algae, and will prevent injuries from falls.  Pressure can remove algae, but treatment with detergents will keep that algae from growing back for a longer period of time.

Power washing your concrete flatwork should be a regular part of your home maintenance, and we would be happy to put together a cleaning package for you to keep your home looking its best. For power washing in Fort Worth, Weatherford, Aledo, and Granbury, contact Big Tex Pro Wash today!