Maintaining your windows is a vital, yet often overlooked, part of your home maintenance.  Contaminates build up on your window glass, frames, and inside tracks, taking away from your aesthetic features of your home, and it can also cause costly damage such as etched glass and decreased efficiency.

Pure water is contaminate free, meaning all minerals and total dissolved solids (or TDS) has been filtered out.  Why is this important?  For one, pure water attracts contaminates like a magnet, so dirt, minerals and other impurities are attached to the water molecules and rinsed away leaving a completely clean surface.  Another reason is because when pure water evaporates, there is nothing left to leave those pesky water spots.  Water itself does not leave spots when it dries, the impurities do.

Pure water is also great at removing oxidation from window frames.  Oxidation is a chalky substance that is caused by a chemical reaction typically accelerated by the sun and metal or aluminum window frames. Removing oxidation from the frames will keep your windows cleaner longer, even if it rains.

Big Tex Pro Wash uses a special onboard filtration system for our pure water cleaning process.  We do not need to use your water, as we carry pre-filtered pure water on our truck in holding tanks.  The cleaning process is pretty simple, after removing the window screens and cleaning out the tracks, the exterior side of the windows are scrubbed with a brush outfitted with low pressure jets that spray the windows with the pure water.  After the windows have been thoroughly scrubbed to remove all dirt, they are rinsed completely with only pure water. The windows are then allowed to dry naturally, leaving behind a completely spot free finish.

It is completely safe for your windows, it is a better, more efficient clean, and it is completely safe for the environment.  While only the exteriors are cleaned using the water fed pole, your interior windows are also cleaned using a pure water base for the tradition mop and squeegee method.

Big Tex Pro Wash is the only window cleaning company in the Parker County area that uses the holding tank pure water system so we do not need to hook up to your private water source. We service all of Parker, western Tarrant, and Hood counties including Weatherford, Aledo, Granbury, and western Fort Worth, Texas.  Give us a call at 817-341-9366 to experience why pure water window cleaning is a superior window cleaning method.